About Me


My passion for art started as early as I was able to hold a paintbrush.

Whilst working on my BA at Slade School of Fine Art, I became fixated on Rococo and Baroque furniture, travelling all over the UK to National Trust and English Heritage buildings for inspiration. After a visit to Versailles, I began making ‘portraits’ and still lives of these majestic and decadent objects. Playing on their lavishness, I use paint to indulge in their decorative, ornate nature and to mimic their sumptuous and voluptuous forms.

I like to describe my work as ‘observational’, whether it’s a portrait, landscape or antique still life, I love to pick out interesting details that can usually go unnoticed.  The aim is to generate a physical presence in the painting, to enhance the subject and evoke some added drama.

I work with interior designers, restaurateurs and private customers to make bespoke art upon request both in the UK and internationally.